Money back within 28 days

Test your GoKart yourself and use it on your golf course for a month. Once you have purchased a trolley, we want you to thoroughly try it out for 28 days due to wind and weather. If you are not satisfied after that (no later than the 29th day) and contact us, you will immediately receive your money back, excluding shipping costs. We pick up the GoKart from you, put everything back in the original box. Used umbrellas, rain covers and golf bags can unfortunately not be returned.

It is not often that they are sent back, but when that happens, equally good friends. However, we are convinced that once you own your new GoKart you will fall in love with it a little. If you have used an electric golf trolley before, you will certainly appreciate that this GoKart can be folded so small that it has a powerful motor, that it is quickly ready for use and that it is also a smart and thoughtful design. And if you have never used an electric golf trolley, all these features will certainly stand out, and in addition to that, the added bonus is that you will reach the 18th hole fresh and cheerful with our GoKart.

There are no bumps, no risks, no small print so that we can get out of our service. If you like it, it’s yours. If not, no problem.

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