Return policy

If you unexpectedly do not like your purchase and you want to return the purchase, then our return and return policy applies. That policy includes the following:

When selling goods via the internet, mail order, telephone sales actions and other distance selling activities, the buyer has the right to cancel the purchase for seven working days after receipt of the item – without giving a reason. In that case, the goods will be returned to GoKart at the expense of the buyer. The buyer is also obliged to insure the goods to be returned against damage, loss and theft for the duration of the return journey. After receipt of the returned goods, GoKart will refund the purchase price, possibly reduced by the transport costs not paid by the buyer, to the buyer within 30 days after receipt.

Do you want to return a product?
For the return of products or for questions or comments regarding our return and return policy you can contact us directly. We will gladly help you further.