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The new GoKart MK2

Since its introduction in 2007 the GoKart MK 1 has stood out from other electric golftrolleys by its design, inventive technique,as well as its use of solid and durable materials. No wonder its revolutionary design has been showered with rewards. The newly developed GoKart MK 2 takes it one step further with, among other things, a durable lithium battery without plugs and an extremely
quiet motor.

The advantages of the new GoKart MK 2

  • The GoKart is ready for use in two steps
  • New battery click system
  • Quieter motor
  • Powerful drive
  • The battery can remain in the GoKart
  • Led indicator on the battery for capacity
  • Choice from an 18 or 36-hole lithium battery
  • Manual or automatic operation
  • Three colors: green, red, or black
  • Free run on the wheels with easy operation
  • Higher top bracket, making the bag more upright

Durable and lightweight

The battery systeem in the new GoKart has been improved enormously in every respect. A lithium battery lasts much longer and is less damaging to the environment. The 18 holes lithium
battery only weighs 2.1kg, which is less than the 6.5kg of the traditional lead acid battery. This considerably lighter weight makes it easier to lift and carry the folded GoKart. Moreover, you have a limited 5 years warranty on the lithium battery and 1 year on the charger supplied with the trolley.

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Choose the GoKart that suits you

The new GoKart offers a number of choices. It is available in green, red, or black. Choose the colour which best matches your golf set and outfit.Furthernore, the lithium battery can be supplied for 18 or 36 holes. Finally, you have the choice of a Manual or Automatic speed regulation. To both types a large number of matching accessoiries can be added.

GoKart with manual speed regulation

The GoKart Manual has an on/off switch and a variable speed roller adjusting the speed to your pace.

GoKart with automatic speed regulation

The GoKart Automatic has a speed regulation systeem without controls. You just hold the handle and push and the trolley automatically adjusts its speed to your pace. When you let go of
the handle while walking, the GoKart continues at the same pace. Ideal and very comfortable.