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THE GO KART Since its introduction in 2007 the GoKart MK 1 has stood out from other electric golftrolleys by its design, inventive technique,as well as its use of solid and durable materials. No wonder its revolutionary design has been showered with rewards. The newly developed GoKart MK 2 takes it one step further with, among other things, a durable lithium battery without plugs and an extremely quiet motor. More information
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Wide range of accessories

Electric golf trolley

The electric GoKart golf trolley is a unique product: compact, lightweight, durable, attractive, and above all, sharply priced. With an electric golftrolley you choose quality at a fair price. All GoKart products have a generous warranty, which warrants you enjoyment of your electric golftrolley for many years tocome.

Why use an electric golftrolley?

Playing with the usual push trolley always uses up some of your energy, especially on long and hilly golf courses. Naturally you would rather use your energy for the next stroke instead of pushing your tolplein that case an electric golftrolley is to be prefered over an non-electric golftrolley. By holding the handle of the (Automatic) golftrolley, the trolley automatically starts to ‘walk’ with you without any extra effort from you. Thus the trolley uses up less of your energy and allows you to focus on your play.

The GoKart electric golftrolley

The GoKart electric golftrolley comes in two versions: the Manual (standard) and the Automatic. The Manual has an on/off switch and a variable speed roller adjusting the speed to your pace. The Automatic has no switches and adapts itself to your pace automatically. Whichever version you choose: the electric golftrolleys will definitely guarantee much comfort and enjoyment of your game.

Colours, battery, and a choice of accessoriesIf you order a GoKart electric golf trolley you have a lot to choose. You have to decide on the colour of the electric golftrolley, whether to take an 18 or 36 holes lithium battery, and you could add handy extra accessories such as an umbrella holder, a mug holder and other practical additions.